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Are You Tired of Constantly Searching for Math Resources to Meet the Diverse Learning Needs of Your Students?

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Quickly plan amazing math lessons with unlimited access to an extensive collection of materials designed to help young learners build a strong foundation in mathematics.

You’ll have access to a wide variety of math resources including…

Hands-On Activities

Primary learners need lots of time with hands on activities! You'll find plenty of activities where your students will be using manipulatives to help them learn!

Math Mats

The ultimate print-and-go resource! Print the mats, place them in dry-erase pockets, and you are ready for a fabulous math lesson!

Games & Centers

Perfect for small groups and learning stations. These colorful and fun games will have your students begging to play them over and over!

Digital Activities

Use on your Interactive Board or assign them to students. Activities are available in Google Slides and SEESAW format.

Task Cards

Use these activities to play games like SCOOT or Write the Room. They also work great as a learning center or small-group activity.


A variety of worksheets are included for independent practice and to assess students' mastery of learning skills.

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What Math Skills are Included?

Enjoy immediate access to first-grade learning targets. Each skill includes multiple standards with a variety of activities included.


Using Pictures to Add

Counting On


Doubles +1

Commutative Property

Number Bonds

Fact Families

Ways to Make 10

3 Addends

Addition Fluency

Missing Addends

Understanding the Equal Sign


Subtract on a Number Line

Subtract to 10

Subtract to 15

Subtract to 20

Word Problems

Place Value

Teen Numbers

2-Digit Numbers

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Expanded Form

10 More & 10 Less

2-Digit + 1-Digit Addition

2-Digit + Multiple of 10 Addition

Subtract Multiples of 10


2D Shapes

3D Shapes

Pattern Block Activities

Geoboard Activities


Ordering Objects

Nonstandard Measurement

Standard Measurement to the Nearest Inch


To the Hour

To the Half-Hour



Roll & Graph Activities


Equal Shares

Halves & Fourths

Beyond Fourths

Hey there, I'm Jaymie!

After 17 years of teaching, I know how time consuming it can be to plan for all of the math instruction that takes place in first grade. Whole group lessons, independent work, fact fluency, small groups, partner games, centers, enrichment, intervention…the list of needs goes on and on. I’ve been creating first grade math resources for over 10 years. I’m excited to share the materials I’ve created with you inside the math hub!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the math hub best suited for?

This membership is designed for anyone teaching first grade standards including first-grade teachers, homeschool parents, special education teachers, math interventionists, etc.

Is all of the content available right away?

Yes, you’ll have instant access to all of the materials in the Math Hub.

Are these activities available on TPT?

Yes, most of the materials are available on TPT. I’ll be adding new resources every week to the membership, and many of those will eventually be available on TPT as well. Any Boom Cards in my TPT store, are not included in the math hub.

Is there material included for other grades?

All of the materials in the math hub are designed for teaching first grade standards.

Will there be new resources added?

Yes, new resources will be added regularly. You can even add items to the request list.

Are Boom Cards included?

No, my Boom Card sets are not included in the math hub.

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